MPFL: Week 1

Week 1 My first week post op was filled with lots of surprises, humbling moments and pain medication.  I was on a regimen of 2 percocet every 6 hours as needed, and trust me it was. I had told my mom that my pain score was about a 7 at the most all through the … Continue reading MPFL: Week 1

Am I doing this right?

It's been so long I don't even know how to work WordPress anymore. After taking a long Hiatus from writing I’m sitting here putting my fingers to the keyboard for the first time in a long long time faced with the question of why. Why did I stop doing this for so long? Did I … Continue reading Am I doing this right?

A guide to rerouting

I ended February in a bit of a funk. I found myself feeling disconnected, a bit down and completely insatiable. The worst part about it is that I couldn't figure out why I felt any of these things. Clearly things weren't going the way I wanted them to go...but how did I even want them to go … Continue reading A guide to rerouting