MPFL: Week 9

Week 9 (Feb 12 - 18) At this point, I’ve been home for three full months. A fourth of a year. Damn. In some aspects, it really has flown by. But sometimes there are days that feel like they are about a week long. Since I spend so much time at home, I pretty much … Continue reading MPFL: Week 9

MPFL: Week 3

Week 3 (Jan 1-7) On a typical New Years Day, I'd wake up (probably a little or a lot hungover), head straight to the gym and likely hit the grocery store on the way back to set myself up for a ~clean ~ start to the new year. Obviously this year looked a little bit … Continue reading MPFL: Week 3

My teenage bedroom was inspired by Paris Hilton

Sometimes I feel like I live in an episode of the suite Life of Zack and Cody (shout out Cody, I still love you) because my apartment complex is extremely hotel vibey. Nice lobby with giant mirrors, cool couches, a TV bigger than my car and someone who works security at the front desk...Mr. Mosby, … Continue reading My teenage bedroom was inspired by Paris Hilton

LIT SHIT: February

Where the hell did the last 28 days go? Went by in the blink of an eye and I think it's because I was so crazy busy. Lots of cool stuff happened, but my schedule was so packed I feel like I didn't really take enough time to check in with myself and appreciate much … Continue reading LIT SHIT: February