A half-assed and extremely delayed version awaits you below.

REUNITED. Lexie, one of my best friends from college, moved in with me for about 2 and a half weeks and damn did we make up for lost time or what? We made a list of approximately one million things we wanted to do this summer, went to Circle Bar in Santa Monica on a Monday, rearranged my entire apartment, built a bed, bought some plants, got kicked out of a club, took a cycling class and potatoed by the pool a few too many times.

BEACHED. For some reason every time I have a day off work, it is extremely cloudy and overcast in LA. That being said, my first trip to Malibu of the year was….chilly. Somehow I managed to still get a little burnt and spend 5 hours there regardless. I also almost got washed away with the tide, which then led me to climb onto a rock (my savior) and watch the ocean for probably an hour before nabbing a table for one at Malibu Farm. I had been working a ton and was really starting to feel it, so this day was pretty much exactly what I needed.

HAPPY PLACE. One of the many fun parts of being part of  Clippers Spirit are all of the fun stuff we get to do for appearances. This past month we got to go to a touring exhibit called Happy Place- which for everyone else except for me is Instagram heaven. Why do I not have the same feelings about it? Probably because these were some of the shots I ended up with.

READ. Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop. This book is one of the quickest reads ever. Big font and easily structured sentences. In terms of self help books, I think the content is great. The message is clear and, like I said, it’s delivered in a pretty uncomplicated way.  But that being said, it’s not anything that can’t be found in any other book of this genre. Something that did stick with me though was a chapter about uncertainty. As I have said time and time again, there is nothing I hate more than not being good at something or not being sure that something is going to go the way I want it to. Bishop spent a whole chapter about this and stressed that growth can only come from uncertainty. #YouRight

CLOSED A CHAPTER. Season 1 on Clippers Spirit is officially in the books! We celebrated with a dinner at Eat. Drink. Americano. As we sat together for the last time as a team, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wild it is that I didn’t know any of these women just 10 months ago and now I can’t imagine my life in LA without them. Crazy to think that it’s almost been a year but auditions are already next month. If you’re interested in auditioning check out some helpful hints riiiiiiiight here.

BUILT A TABLE. Yeah I won’t go into this more because I’ve already gabbed about it on pretty much every form of social media….except Twitter. Which I’ll probably do right now.

FabFitFun. My friend Hannah was asked to film a workout for FabFitFun TV and recruited a few of us to be her counterparts. AKA working out on camera. AKA with a smile on your face. AKA pretending we aren’t near as sweaty or as in pain as we actually are. AKA !!!!!! Our call time was 7 am in West Hollywood, which for me means about half an hour in the car. So that’s 6:30 leave time which meant a 5:45 wake up time. Gulp. I planned to be powered by coffee that morning (bulletproof to be exact) but life had other plans. Somewhere in the process of blending my brain octane, collagen, maca and coffee mix, the pressure inside my Nutribullet was apparently just way too much to contain and when I tried to open it it was like a volcanic explosion of scalding hot coffee all over my kitchen, body and dignity.

CINESPIA. Have you ever watched a movie outside with a bunch of strangers in the middle of a cemetery? No? At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, they do movie screenings every weekend. You pack a picnic full of drinks, food and definitely blankets (it gets freaking cold), stake out a spot and watch the film drive-in style. Lexie and I snagged the tickets from our friend Angelica (who is dating my old roommate Jordan). They were supposed to go together on a date but Lex and I went instead which was funny cause we were about the only people there not actually on a date. No, of course we didn’t notice all the couples literally EVERYWHERE what do you mean????? Anyway, we saw one of my all time favorites ‘Almost Famous’ over the course of about 6 wine spritzers and half a million Siete grain free chips.

DOUBLED DOWNED. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to do Barry’s 2 times in a span of 24 hours. Why? Because I get overzealous at 2 am when I can’t sleep and then find myself signing myself up for classes later in the week to punish myself. I sandwiched these two classes with 8 hour work days and was practically crawling on the ground at work, but hey. Aside from the extreme soreness and slight delirium, I felt pretty accomplished.

WATCHED. The Beatles LOVE show in Vegas with one of my best friends, Grant. Holy Moly it was incredible and pretty indescribable other than damn, the Beatles must have been on a lot of drugs.

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