Must do: Solo concert

One night after moving into my new place, I had one of the top 10 favorite nights of my life. For once it did not include a group of my closest friends, some crazy vacation or a mass amount of surprises. This time it was me, one of my favorite bands and an overpriced t-shirt.

It all started with me being stuck in traffic and on my phone on the way to rehearsal, as most things do.  A song by LANY came on my Spotify and I was like wow I bet they’re great live, I’m gonna check tour dates. Magically, they were playing in LA that Friday just 2 miles away from my apartment. It was as if the stars aligned and God said “SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!!” If God is practically telling me to spend money, who am I to say no? When I first looked the GA tickets were only $35. So I’m thinking ‘Great, I’ll find a friend who’s down and we’ll endure the mosh-pit-like-standing-room-only seats’. Small problem. While I think my taste in music is flawless, not too many of my friends like the same stuff. And when I say not too many, I mean like 5 total friends. Try convincing people to spend money on a band they don’t even know.


I waited until 2 hours before the concert to pull the trigger on tickets. *Ticket. And by the time I bought it, the prices had gone up. Naturally. I actually ended up getting an actual seat cause standing in the middle of 300 strangers in GA sounded like the worst thing in the world. A glass (or 2) of wine later, I was in an Uber on the way to the Wiltern. I didn’t get in until 8 pm and thought I was a full hour late. The opener hadn’t even gone on yet. So I moseyed around the theater and ended up at the bar where I ordered a Titos and tonic…..for $20 hahahaha. This had turned into a full on treat yourself evening so naturally I went to the march table next and picked up a $30 LANY tee. No buyer’s remorse.


Dagny was the opener and, although I had never heard of them, I’m definitely a new fan. A few of my favorites were Wearing Nothing and Love you like that. I sat in between two couples (probably the way you should be listening to songs with names like that) so no, I did not meet my husband or socialize much for that matter. But it was actually a really cool experience to be a bit isolated. Literally felt like it was just me and the music. Especially when LANY finally came on.

I wish I could say I had a favorite song, or part of the night in general..but damn, the whole thing was just too good. Maybe a toss up between Herricane, Purple Teeth and ILYSB. Oooh or maybe when he broke into a cover of Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times. Regardless, they are SO incredible live and for a fellow entertainer it was pretty inspiring to hear their story. Apparently the whole thing started in an apartment just a few blocks down from the theater with a keyboard and a computer. They couldn’t even justify charging people for tickets a few years ago and now they are selling out shows. So cool.

I have this thing for boybands (WATCH THEM DANCE HERE, HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE BOYBANDS???!) so in typical Holly fashion, I left the concert practically in love with the front man (who is very much happily taken by another famous singer). Whatever.

But to conclude, take yoself on a date and go listen to your favorite band. I highly recommend adding this experience to your 20-somethings bucket list. It was awesome to enjoy the concert exactly how I wanted to, without any distractions between the performance and myself. I also was allowed to sing along as loud as I wanted without any of my friends recording me for blackmail purposes. Also a nice perk.

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