What just happened (August in a nutshell)

I feel slightly as if I have just been placed inside my NutriBullet (the best) and blended into a soft smoothie. That is Holly speak for “Holy shit this month was &#*@&$^ crazy, what day is it?” From my first choreography weekends with the Clippers, to a whirlwind trip home to teach and see friends, to our first annual college reunion, to a trip to Utah and ending with Las Vegas…it’s a shock that I’m somehow in one place with minimal things missing and forgotten in any of these states (round of applause for me cause this seriously never happens). Tired, a bit dazed and definitely groggy, I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly thankful for all of the insane sights and incredible people I got to spend money I don’t have with this month. And consequentially slightly scared for a September of savings and hermit-living. Let’s avoid that thought and dive in.

Home is Where ze Heart is

Originally I was supposed to head back to Iowa the first of August to do some choreography and stay there until just before my birthday. After making the team, I had to rearrange my travel plans a bit. It was crazy how willing everyone was to accommodate to my new schedule. It felt like it was truly meant to be. Going home is always a bit of a challenge for me. I’m always stuck somewhere between wanted to make up for lost time with everyone and wanting to be glued to my couch with my dog in my lap and my parents by my side. This time, since I have no clue when I’ll be back to Iowa, I spent the weeks leading up to my trip home (which now happened from the 10th-18th) frivolously planning the next week. No like I literally had a shared google document with my family so they knew when I was going to be where….#extra. Long story short, and so so so not surprising, I put way too much on my plate. As in I spent a total of 2 nights at my actual house. Between teaching and visiting friends (visits that were LONG overdue), I went from Minneapolis to Cedar Rapids to Des Moines to Oskaloosa to Cedar Falls to Pella over to Ankeny to Eldridge and finally to Hampton before heading back to Minneapolis to catch my flight home. Exhausting, yes, but spending the time near my birthday surrounded by my best friend, my parents, my extended family and my second family (the Carrikers), was exactly what the doctor ordered.


Which brings me to the college crew and I’s first annual college reunion back in Los Angeles. Since I had to change travel plans last minute, I ended up missing the first 2 nights. But believe me when I say we made up for it once I got back into town. We started with lots of catching up and reminiscing. So wild what different lives we all live. I mean one of us is responsible for the lives of elementary students for God’s sake!!! Even after all this time, the support and pride we all have for each other’s accomplishments is so special.  It’s rare to find a group of friends like these girls. We all are equally horrible at keeping constant contact with each other, but the second we all sit down it’s like no time has passed at all. That is until you try to drink alcohol the way you did the last time you were all reunited. I truly believe something happens to your body when you graduate that says NOPE to alcohol. I had just turned 22 and the day after was my first….drum roll please….TWENTY-FOUR HOUR HANGOVER!!!!!! So fun!!!! What a perfect way to spend your ride in the passenger seat to  LAX to drop off the first few friends!!! Feeling slightly green in the gills and sad to see my friends leave, we headed back for one grand finale with Payton and Maddi (the last two standing in LA). By grand finale I mean we ate Italian food and fell asleep before 10 pm. It was, yet again, a successful trip filled with way too many laughs and a few too many drinks. I’m so thankful for you guys and even more proud to call you my friends.

Why am I in Utah??

The next weekend I found myself at Zion National park with Kelly and my friend Josh from high school. Come on friends meeting friends!!! I hadn’t really paid a visit to many national parks before my 3 day venture to California with Kelly and her dad; we had stopped off in Utah and went to Bryce Canyon last November. Since then and because I am becoming #LA my newfound love for hiking has surfaced and I’ve been dying to visit a few more parks. Wish granted. We spent our first day hiking doing an 8 mile round trip hike to Observation Point. Lol. Eight Miles. Not going to lie, it kicked my ass a bit. We all kept each other motivated (crucial for anyone trying to hike anything like this) and hydrated (also crucial) an let me just say- the view was SO worth it. Also there were cute af little chipmunks up there that really wanted to be my friend. After four miles back to the shuttle bus (thank god for that) we were dead tired and ready for Josh-made tacos. That was our go to the entire weekend, by the way…tacos on tacos on tacos. The next day we did the hike through the virgin river (yes, any joke you can think of was already made during our hike). So let me start by saying this hike was a bit of a beast of its own. You’re pretty much walking in water anywhere from ankle-level to shoulder-level the entire time. And the surface we were walking on was less than stable. Slippery rocks for everyone!!! And what’s more, I’m apparently awful at footing. Put it all together and what do we have?? Me face-first in the water about 242842 times…and lots of random strangers getting quite the ab work out from my antics. All was made well when I snagged a high five from a squirrel i affectionately named Brutus.

Meet Brutus.

Viva Las I’mNeverGoingBackTo Vegas

I spent Labor Day weekend in Vegas with my new Clippers fam. So. Fun. We filled our cars full of snacks and plenty of 2000’s hip hop and headed out of LA on the 4 hour drive. We started off pretty mellow (is that a thing in Vegas?) with 1Oak the first night. We went for 2 chainz and stayed for Hannah’s dance moves. What I mean by that is that Sir 2 chainz was about 2 hours late to his own show and w hen he finally came out it was 2:30 am and he was in a wheelchair….definitely quite the sight to see.

On Saturday we did the LIQUID pool at the Aria followed by a BOMBASF (free) dinner at TAO before going to their night club. A few funny things to note: any and all dancing (or falling) that happened at LIQUID, all videos in slow motion are 1 million times better, I scored some really stylish flip flops from TAO because #HeelsareHard. What’s even harder is the drive home from Vegas (shout out Courtney for that). Aside from the 24 hour hangovers I now endure from just looking at alcohol, this weekend was so so needed. Can’t wait for the rest of the years with these gals and am pumped to be back to the rehearsal grind after the long weekend.


Lit (actually sorNow I’m back in LA from here on out. While this past month was quite honestly the time of my life (seriously I felt like I lived out all of my summer dreams in 31 days), I’m so so ready to be back and refocused with new goals as I come up on my ONE YEAR LA ANNIVERSARY!!! How in the world.

Buuuut the craziness isn’t over yet- we’ve got one roommate moving states, one moving out, an Aussie moving in (hey Annie), another roommate heading aboard a ship for 6 months and me moving apartments. It’s definitely hard to find consistency in this crazy place, but this has been the adventure of a lifetime and I’m so ready for even more new ones. *Insert shameless plug for the 3-day juice cleanse I’m starting tomorrow and the blog that will commence afterwards #adventure #staytuned #signingoffnow*

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