I moved to LA & now I like yoga

Ugh and I hate myself for sipping a matcha latte while I write this.

When I think about the top 5 ways to make fun of an Iowan I would say corn, cows, farms, beer and probably……corn…..again. My top 5 stereotype slams to Californians are quite the opposite: vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, kale and yoga. Don’t get me wrong, all of the 5 (unlike my Iowa list) are great for your body – except gluten free because I refuse to believe that 90% of the population here has celiac disease, but that’s beside the point.


It’s funny how you only make fun of something for so long until you find yourself submerged in it. Kind of like everyone who thinks I’m disgusting for my peanut butter and pickle sandwich UNTIL THEY TRY IT.

Moving on. We’re lucky enough to have a gym in our apartment complex. Thank god cause gym memberships can be expeeeeeensive. But sometimes it’s just not that motivating to take the elevator to the basement and see the same 4 people that go to the gym at the same time. Not wanting to spend money (a reoccurring theme in 362), but still wanting to switch up our fitness routine, we started looking around. Turns out there are so many free trials in LA!!!! WHO KNEW. Naturally, we scoured the internet for the longest ones to try out first and stumbled upon Core Power yoga. CORE POWER DOES A FREE WEEK PEOPLE. And apparently that’s nationwide. And apparently everyone seemed to already know this before Kelly and I did……but better late than never!

The first few classes were slightly brutal. It can be SO hard to shut your mind off and I don’t think I’ve ever taken that many deep breaths in my life. But after the week was over, I had noticed EXTREME differences. During my last class I was finally able to lay there, in complete stillness, extremely present in the moment. This may seem like a strange thing to note as a victory. Of course I noticed the obvious things like improved strength, flexibility and balance. But stillness. Stillness is a weird thing. To just sit there and be absolutely content with nothing moving except for your heart and lungs. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Like to the point where if I try to give myself a day off to just relax, it’s nearly impossible. That’s why I felt like I took a lot away from being able to tune out all other outside distractions. I also really loved the idea of setting a mantra or intent before going into a task- yoga or not- and being fully submerged in that mantra. Actually, since my experience at Core Power, I’ve even carried that over into my dancing by making my movement tailor to these specific rules or thoughts. Some that work really well for me are patience, vulnerability and persistence.

Now I’m no yogi by any means, but I’ll be back for sure. In fact, you may have seen me in the system as Molly Zymer coming in for her first free week!!! Yeah. I stooped that low and created an alias to get a free week- don’t tell my mom.

Anyway, I highly recommend yoga for your sanity, especially if you constantly struggle with not being present. I plan on buying a membership (a major hit to the bank account), but in the meantime the internet is a brilliant brilliant thing and if you can get past feeling like a freak doing yoga in your apartment, DO IT. Also, check out free shit in your area cause it’s insane. Especially when you live somewhere as big as Los Angeles. I’ll be testing out a variety of different work out methods (fo free) so stay tuned for more adventures. And more importantly, if you have any other suggestions for free trials out here letcho girl know!!!

In conclusion, yes. I’ve embraced the yoga-obsessed Californian stereotype and now I have to go so I can finish packing for Coachella……….#california #glutenfree #nonGMO #ihatemyself

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