A hodge podge of November goings-on

Prepare yourself for the most disjointed blog post in the world.

I’ve spent this past month in a series of long ass car rides, shitty flights and brief week-long spurts in my new apartment. I’ve been so back and forth since I moved in, it still kinda feels like I’m just on vacation. Now that I’m back from a quick little trip to Kansas, for some time well spent with my family for Gobble Day, I’m happy to announce that I have absolutely no idea when I will be hopping on a flight to head back to good ole Iowa. Woo!


When I arrived at LAX this last time, I was feeling a little reluctant to leave again. We had made some new friends, figured out our way around NoHo and just the week before, I made the drive with Kelly back to LA. Yes, I said drive…again…you read that right. I voluntarily participated in a 27 hour car ride not once, ladies and gents, but twice. Two doses of me sardining myself in the back seat of a car- double the fun!!! Unlike last time though, we didn’t drive straight through. In fact, we left Sunday and didn’t get back to LA on Wednesday- that, no doubt, made the trip a little more enjoyable. We pit-stopped in Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Vegas before we finally arrived at the homestead.

The Road to Cali 2.0

Last time I made the drive, we were 100% Siri reliant. Where is coffee? Where is the nearest gas station? Is there a bathroom in the next mile, because I am literally two seconds away from peeing in this water bottle…? Without fail, Siri was my girl. This time though, we literally used an atlas and asked locals where the best spots to stop were. Old school, yet refreshing, we ended up in hole in the wall diners, National Parks, and lastly the Omnia in Vegas….that one wasn’t because of the atlas.

Kelly and I scored comp drink tickets and free entry (somehow). So here we are, rolling into our one-night hotel room in the stratosphere at 5 am wearing the opposite of the dress code (literally t-shirts (I had my squirrel shirt on inside out…..) and holy jeans. How we got in, I have noooo idea. Two hours later, we were on the road. Hungover, yes, but so so thankful for our time spent in all of the states along the way. Especially beautiful Utah. Wow, I don’t even have words for Bryce Canyon National Park. That place was maybe only topped by Casa Bonita in Colorado (it’s like Rainforest cafe but better, and that’s saying a lot coming from me). Fake cliff divers and margaritas?? Come on.

The Job


Mid drive, I got a call that I got the job at LF in Studio City (#employed!!!). I started basically the second we got back to LA and I love it. I’ve met so many cool people already, coworkers and clients alike. Not to mention, the location is prime. I swear I find like 5 things a day (ranging from workout classes to restaurants) to put on my LA bucket list (that I have yet to actually write down). The challenge will be holding off on spending my entire paycheck on the merch. Praying to the money management gods that I can keep up my cheapskate streak.

The Holiday 

Only 4 days into the job,  I had to leave for Thanksgiving and like I said (before I went off on an extreme tangent about the drive) I was feeling a little bit reluctant to leave my new home. I was just getting settled in when I peaced out for a long weekend. When I arrived in Kansas City Wednesday night, I sat down for a margarita with my aunt and ended up being pretty thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with the people that I love (even though my roommates constant snaps were leaving me with major FOMO). I don’t see my family in Kansas too often, so to be able to take the time to just sit down and catch up on life was incredible. And, as always, it was great to spend time with my parental units too.

My dad grew up in Kansas so it was fun for him to take me to the first bar he got kicked out of, show me where he frequently dined and dashed, and even meet a classmate that knows a completely different Larry Reimer than I do. I also scooped up some prime blackmail information, so I’m all smiles on my end. My mom, my dad and aunt Sharon had spent the last three days eating everything in sight, drinking endless amounts of alcohol and making up for lost time with relatives. Now it was time to head back to the airport and send me on my way.

And now here I am. Back in LA  for keeps- feeling recharged, grateful and a little bit in disbelief that it’s basically December. Here’s to holiday music and becoming an official resident in this crazy place.


The End

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