Holly makes a face mask


Alright people, I don’t know about you, but my skin has basically turned against me. I don’t know if its the season change or what…but it’s like the 13-year-old pre-pubescent me has taken over and has far overstayed her welcome. So, here I am, fed up and trolling around the depths of the internet trying to find some sort of quick fix. A quick fix that doesn’t cost me more that $20 because I’m moving and have allowed myself $70 total in spending money the next two weeks (wish me luck).

I found some stuff that included raw eggs but that sounds slimy and is quite frankly a little weird for me. Also, I’m not down to go do some witchcraft ish and mix together the hair of a wild boar and wing of a bat or something (ok I didn’t really find this remedy online, but when you’re living in a small town, some of these ingredients are just as hard to find).


I’m proud to announce that I found one that saved me from spending any dollars whatsoever. Please hold your applause. All it takes is

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • a small bowl
  • a spoon


Step uno, squeeze out the honey (one tablespoon) into some sort of measuring device. I would suggest doing this either over the sink or the little bowl you’re about to mix it in because, quite honestly, honey is a little bit of a bitch to clean up.

At this point in my complaints about honey, and all of it’s messy glory, you may be wondering why it’s worth using in the first place. Honey actually is a great agent in warding off bacteria. While high dollar Manuka honey is best for its medicinal purposes, I’m working with what I got and so can you. Honey also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, so it’s perfect to use mid-breakout when your skin absolutely hates you.


Next, take the two teaspoons of cinnamon and toss it in there. The purpose of the cinnamon is also to fight bacteria, it’s anti-microbial so it can put up against any bacteria that may have found a new home on your face (ew).

Alright, alright, alright! Now that you’ve got all two of the ingredients in your handy dandy little mixing bowl, time to stir them up. The thickness of this mixture depends entirely on the type of honey you decided to use. The first time I made this mask, it was almost as thick as Elmer’s glue. This time, I used an all natural honey that I picked up from a gift store at a nearby pumpkin patch. For some reason, it was a little bit runnier than your typical store-bought honey.

Anyway, don’t be alarmed if yours isn’t quite the same consistency as the mixture to the left (how fun is that gif?!). Now that you’re done stirring, keep that spoon nearby and make sure you have a towel handy for when it’s time to take off your mask (or incase you get a little messy in the application process)

It should look kind of like this when you’re done, but again the consistency may be slightly different.

How you apply the mask depends on you, but I typically opt for the less messy option and use the back of the spoon to apply the mask. It’s just as easy to use your fingers, just make sure that you’re doing it over a sink so you can quick rinse off those sticky digits.

Sometimes it can get a bit drippy, so think about wearing a shirt you don’t care for, or lining your collar with paper towels….kinda like you’re 6 again and your mom is afraid you’ll get lasagna all over yourself at family dinner.
Welp, here I am looking like I fell face first into a pile of dog poop…

This is me. Looking ridiculous af…laughing at myself in the mirror…Also peep the cliche bathroom decor in the background (thanks mom and dad).
Like I said, be aware that this sticky concoction can get a little bit messy. I spilled down my sweatshirt. I didn’t drool, I promise I’m not a complete slob. Oh ,but also important to note that it tastes extremely good.

WARNING: do not do this mask if you are hungry. You will have none left on your face…or at least surrounding your mouth.


After you’ve got it all over your face, find something to occupy your time for 10-15 minutes. Like maybe pick up the book you’ve been trying to finish for 3 months, or down a glass of wine (or 4).

Take a wash cloth and run it under warm water for a hot second (lol puns). Then proceed to rinse your face off  like you would if you were washing your face with your daily cleanser.

This is my favorite part. Because the cinnamon is grainy, it exfoliates your skin as you rinse it off.


If your face looks a little bit red after you’re done, don’t freak out. It’s just from the exfoliation (unless you’re allergic to honey or cinnamon and you’re having a horrible reaction which I am 100p not liable for BY THE WAY).

Weeee, you’re done! And you’re face likely feels fantastic. It’s amazing what you can find in your cupboard, people. Always turn to your kitchen before spending a dime.


Did you try this mask?! Let me know whatcha think!

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