Who’s with their s/o right now? How great is this day? Did you get breakfast in bed? How cute is that bouquet of flowers gonna look in your room? How will you ever finished that box of heart shaped chocolates and still stay true to your spring break diet? How much Formosa are you going to devour? And OMG how much Netflix are you going to binge watch afterwards???



It’s Valentine’s day folks. The holiday that holds the record for most cliches. I’ve never been your biggest fan St. Valentine. Half because of my perpetual single-ness half because in high school I thought leading an anti-Valentines day revolt and wearing all black was bad ass (no one joined the movement by the way).  And how freaking annoying is social media on this day every year??? We get it you have a boyfriend. We get it he rocks. We get it if you’re single and that means you’re like required by some unwritten law to post a photo talking about how pizza is your Valentine. Still probably tossed it a like though.

So as I sit here doing non-Valentine’s Day things (by myself), I have taken it upon myself to hand select ten songs for you to listen to as you sulk about your lack of V-day plans (alone).

1.  Love on the Brain by Rihanna. Let’s just take a moment to TRY and get in the Valentine’s mind set.


2. The appropriately titled UGH! by my favorites. Listen to this when you “literally can’t even deal” with all of the red and hearts and pizza.

3. Nicest Thing by Kate Nash . You know hat person you’ve been silently stalking for the last several months? You’ve invested a lot of time into that and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he/she has yet to acknowledge your existence as a being.


4. Bridges by Broods. Watch the music video and recall the three thousand times you’ve fallen victim to the classic “Oh you thought we were more than friends…?” ordeal. *Cringe*

5. The Rose by Bette Midler. This song goes out to all those rose photos on Insta. Keep being you. Oh and also Ben Higgins. This song goes out to Ben Higgins too.

6. Never Be Like You by Flume. This song is you hoping that you will never turn into that person that you h8 when (if) you’re ever not single on V-day.

7. Touch by Shura. Oooooooh those lyrics. Also probably a lot of what you’re not getting.

8. Linger by the Cranberries. That guy/girl you liked last year is still not your Valentine.

9. Don’t Wanna be your Girl by Wet (who rocks, go check out their other music). No. I am still not interested.

10. And finally, My Heart Will Go On. You should have seen this one coming from me.


You’re welcome. Now go eat chocolate.

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