Me blabbin’ bout myself

Hi there. My name is Holly Reimer. Welcome to the page where I inevitably ramble about myself for the next 600 words.

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and lived there until I was 5. KC was cool. Did some acting/modeling, had a petting zoo come to my 4th birthday party, had HELLA friends…so the less winded version of this is that I for sure peaked before my 5th birthday. Which like…whatever that’s fine I’ll get over it in due time (maybe). After boppin’ around the city for the first half-decade of my life, good ole mom and pop decided to sabotage my existence and move to the asscrack of the United Sates: Iowa. Scaling back the drama a little bit, according to them, we picked up and left to be closer to my family and enroll me in a school system that didn’t have barred windows- can’t blame them there (go mom and dad).

Me when I peaked, if you couldn’t tell.

For the next 12 years we set up shop in Pella, Iowa. For those of you that don’t know Pella, it’s the kind of town you would find inside of a snow globe. That’s sick if you’re favorite pastime is watching grass grow. While I’m grateful for growing up in a well-kept, safe town (and for my P-town homies- S/O) I’ve known from a young age that small town life was not for me. I think a lot can be learned from living in a small midwest town, and a lot was learned, I just hate the feeling of talking about other people doing cool and exciting things and struggling to find the means or opportunities to get myself on that level.

So. Now it’s time to head to college. My first chance to GTFO of Iowa. So naturally I enroll at the University of Iowa. GO HOLLY, GO. To be completely honest, I hadn’t even toured the university before sealing the deal. It pretty much went like this: Try out for the dance team, make said dance team, scrap all other plans and venture to a little place called Iowa City. If you know anything about me, it’s not surprising that my love for dance resulted in a drop-everything-else kind of mentality. This kind of thing seems to be a pattern in my life.


Since officially dubbing Iowa City as home, I’ve found my niche outside of the dance team (the sole reason I initially came to Iowa) as a journalism major. Lately I’ve done a lot of social media work through CollegeFashionista and well as my own personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. I absolutely would consider myself a social media junkie, but it is slightly unsettling to know that there are more people out there who think they know you than who actually do. Wow #Deep. Other than social media endeavors, at school I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do sports reporting for Daily Iowan TV. Love sports. Love TV. In fact, in the end I’m shooting to go the TV route while pursuing my love for dance along the way. And a little secret between you and I- I have a huge thing for the West Coast.

Maybe I came off as an Iowa-hater at the beginning of all of this, and I no doubt can’t wait for the chapter of my life that doesn’t take place here (I’m not one to like to stay in the same place or do the same thing for too long), BUT Iowa City has one hundo p changed my perception of Iowa for the better.

IMG_3041So, now that it’s 2016, I can say that I officially finish college this year. Huh???? That means I’m undoubtably in the strangest stage of life a girl can possibly be. Through a series of identity crises and changes in hair color, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and share some of it with whoever cares enough to skim through my musings and ramblings.


Peace out friends, fam and otherwise. Hope to see ya around.

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