WPAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Holly Reimer. I’m an Iowa native who has lived in Los Angeles since I graduated college from the University of Iowa (go hawks 5ever). Although my degree was in journalism, I followed my heart and took off to the Wild Wild West to pursue a career in dance and entertainment. After pin-balling around Los Angeles like a loose cannon for several months, I hunkered down and found some direction. After many no’s and lots of hard work, I landed myself a spot on an NBA dance team. Two short years later, I suffered the repercussions of failing to listen to my body when it was time to rest. I had a reoccurring knee injury- chronic dislocations to be exact. My knee had become about 50% less mobile. It was constantly swollen and beginning to effect how I danced, worked out and carried about my day to day life. After some long conversations and months of deliberating, it was clear what I needed to do for my wellbeing. Surgery was next.

I have spent the last several months back at my parents’ house in Iowa recovering and finding new ways to stay busy and fulfilled. It has not been easy, but it sure has taught me a lot about life and myself. I created this website in college originally as an outlet for myself. To share funny stories, experiences and to use sort of like a public journal. In this season of my life, I want to use this platform to impact others.

My goal is to be a voice for people going through things of this nature. My people feeling a loss of identity, direction, struggling to stay out of your head…my quarter life cirsis-ers. Surgery recovery (and your 20’s in general) can be such an isolating time and if I can help even one person find fulfillment in new ways or feel less alone, I’m all for it.

So again I say, welcome. As this site continues to evolve and change with me, I hope you can find ways to laugh, stay busy, motivated and a little less isolated during this time.

~*vIrTuAl FiNgEr GuNs*~!!!!

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